Merry Greedfest!

Merry Greedfest everyone. Don’t forget to gorge on mass quantities of fattening food and covet all the absurd posessions your neighbor received and you didn’t. I hope you enjoy your 60K of debt.

Now to the rest of the people out there. Merry Christmas and I hope the time you get to spend with your loved ones is a joyous moment filled with glee. I’m not a foul grinch, I just want to burn the mall down.

A small update – PhotoScatter Pro Image Gallery

Hey readers, I know I have been vacant for a while. The migration over to Linux took a little while, I’ve been tweaking out my system to give that ‘personal’ touch to it. Also with it being the holiday season I haven’t been on here very much to play around with my own custom ideas for share. Work comes first and my free time has gone to less productive adventures. Shaim on me.

The holiday season is almost over though and you will see me coming back very soon with an ensamble of interesting projects. I’ve got some fun things lined up like a 3D photogallery done in Papervision3D, a music player that looks like an iPod, and a demo of a flash video game I am working on called “Space Cadet”. The video game is a 2D scale down of an incomplete 3D project my friends Adny, Ed, and I designed a year ago using the XNA framework from Microsoft.

You won’t be leaving empty handed though. I’ve been picking up a few private jobs lately freelancing, and one of them is for a flash template site who resales applications with the source code. I’m doing a collection of photogalleries, video players, and fun toys for them. Last night I finished up one that was really cute and fun, you can check it out here. If you were around a while back when I released some code for my Swarm of Elements entry you might find it familiar. There of course is extra bells and whistles attached to it, but it goes to show you what could be done with it!

I’ll also post links to my other projects that they post for sale on their website at DreamLineStudios. In the mean time leave some feedback about this one.

PhotoScatter Pro Image Gallery