LoD AS3 Game Framework – update 2

So I return with another update about the LoDGameFramework. I know I said I’d have the physics part done by now, but it isn’t… sorrz. It’s really close though. And that’s what I’m here to show an example of. Above is an example of a collision detector using Separating Axis Theorem, along with a resolution algorithm devised from the same algorithm used in FOAM (credit given in source). To show the point you can easily swap in and out different algorithms. There are 3 other algorithms for collision resolution and 2 other for collision detection.

Furthermore, though you can’t visually tell, the collision meshes used for all the objects vary here. The red shapes use my IGeometricShape interface describing circles, ellipses, and polygons. Where as the black blocks are described by regular Rectangle objects in flash. You can mix and match all of these collision meshes at the same time. I still want to get the Bitmap ones running, but I have some other work to do as well.

If you want to play with this example below, just click it with your mouse and 10 new geometric shapes are generated and set to collide against each other.


You can still download the library in its current pre-alpha state in the link bar. Or here!

6 thoughts on “LoD AS3 Game Framework – update 2

  1. goliatone

    Hi there,
    The whole project looks cool.
    Just wanted to let you know that while i was “watching this thing” some red elements fell through the box and dropped out. It coincided with a hiccup on rendering, the box and elements froze and next frame where out of boundaries. It happens regularly, there is only two red thing inside the box.

    It find interesting that the rendering of the display objects is based on matrix transformations. I would be interested in a explanation of the method and the benefits of this approach.


  2. Major Bug (I would say)… start the simulation and then right click to bring down the menu. Of course everything freezes, as do all flash apps when right clicked. The bad thing is, collisions are being missed and a lot of the red shapes are falling through in that time.

    I’m really not sure what could be the problem.

  3. Guys I know there are bugs and I have a list of them here by my desk.

    the first two sentences of this post explicitly say that: “So I return with another update about the LoDGameFramework. I know I said I’d have the physics part done by now, but it isn’t… sorrz.”

    It’s still a work in progress and actually has changed a WHOLE lot since this build that this example uses.

    Look forward to some future updates with better implementations of the engine. I’ll certainly be posting when a complete build that is relatively bug free is ready.

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